Heir of the Promise: BabyGirl


To read Baby Girl’s full story scroll down and click on the Description tab.  Each Heir of the Promise is not sold but adopted.  Why, because of their uniqueness and rarity.  Baby Girl is a Limited Edition sitting approximately 6? tall with braided hair with white beeds and baby bottle. She comes with a framed Heir of the Promise Commemorative Certificate of Authenticity.

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Hi I'm Baby Girl and this is my story.  I'm a miracle.  My parents literally prayed me into existence. After years of trying to conceive and no results my parents decided it was time to see a professional and find out why they were having such a hard time conceiving.  After enduring several tests the doctor told my parents that the reason they haven't be able to conceive is because my mother's reproductive systems was deformed and it was IMPOSSIBLE to get pregnant let alone carry a baby to term. Well you can imagine how heart broken and devastated my parents were.   No children, no legacy, no heritage? For my parents this was  not an option.  As faithful believers in God my parents decided to take God at his word "if you can believe all things are possible to them that believe".  They began to fast and pray.  A year past, then two then five then seven. But my parents didn't give up they knew God was able and in His perfect time He would answer there prayer.  In year eight He did. I was born with all my fingers and toes because my parents took hold of their kingdom inheritance.


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